Organic food waste from people’s office lunch can be collected and recycled. This includes

• Leftover food from sandwiches, salads and meals
• Paper towels and napkins
• Coffee ground and tea bags
• Cardboard sleeves from cardboard cups
• Compostable plates and cutlery

In your business move over to Commercial Waste Collection with Recyco and don’t
be a business waster!

A WEEE Bit of Recycling Goes A Long Way

Do you know what WEEE is? WEEE is Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment.
That means household appliance. And if you are disposing of it you need to give
some thought to how and where you dispose of it.

That means that old drill, tools, toasters, toys that are broken or obsolete, that old PC, old mobile phones. Basically any electrical equipment you have lying round the house needs a WEEE bit of thought before you get rid of it.

Under legislation, the WEEE Directive covers all electrical and electronic equipment used by consumers and electrical and electronic equipment intended for professional use.
The Directive sorts EEE into 10 categories:
• Large household appliances
• Small household appliances
• IT and telecommunications equipment
• Consumer equipment
• Lighting equipment
• Electrical and electronic tools
• Toys, leisure and sports equipment
• Medical devices
• Monitoring and control instruments
• Automatic dispensers

At Recyco we offer a WEEE collection service across Northern Ireland. To learn a WEEE bit more, get in touch.

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